Top 10 reasons to get involved in our community:

  • Learn New Skills
  • Meet New People
  • Build Stronger Ties
  • Have a Voice
  • Share Resources
  • Help Strengthen our Community
  • Be Informed about Community Events and Issues
  • Provide Proper Guidance to Our Youth
  • Make Our Community Better
  • Gain Gratification through Participation

The following is a list of current CBC Committees:

Spring Celebration

Chair:  Herbert Chiu / David Bonaccorsi
Mission: As CBC’s annual major fundraising event organizer, Spring Celebration Committee reaches out to local companies, individuals and organizations for support so that CBC will be able to continue to offer the myriad of community service projects in Fremont and other cities.

Youth Group

Chair: Midji Rovetta / Mission: Enhance character-building, confidence, self-efficacy, civic and social responsibility, leadership & organization skills, teamwork through participation in CBC programs and activities, including:

  1. 2018 CBC Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program
  2. 2019 Internship Program
  3. Serve the Homeless Meals (4 times per year)




Chair: Henry Yin

Mission: To initiate, sponsor and promote community events, which will affect the well being of Chinese Americans with an emphasis on business.


CBC_Introduction PPT_2_2015

CBC Business Committee ppt

Social Activities

Chair: Amy Cho, Cecilia Leon, and Gerry Low-Sabado

Mission: To connect with the community through social activities including summer picnics, 4th of July Parade, senior outreach, Christmas parties…


Chair: Yang Shao

Mission: Promote, sponsor, or support education-related issues, activities and programs that will benefit members or the community at large.


Chair:  Dr. Herb Chiu

Mission: Provide health and wellness awareness workshops such as prevention and early diagnosis of diseases, physical fitness, heath and beauty care, etc.

Community Involvement

Chair: Dr. Albert Wang

Mission: The Community Involvement Committee encourages involvement with the community through local agencies, boards and commissions to promote awareness of local issues and needs.

Culture Exchange

Chair:  Lena Zee

Mission:  To share the richness of the diverse cultures in our community through art, music, and other expressions. Events include Moon Festival Celebration, Chinese New Year Celebration, etc.